Cordless Phone Reviews

Many people are surprised that cordless phones are making a comeback. This comeback, is not surprising considering the features and benefits these phones have, including new functions that are now available, including the ability to link the cell phone to the cordless via Link-to-cell Bluetooth.

With a cell phone, you can go anywhere and be able to use it, but the quality is rarely as good.

While cellular phones have become a part of everyday activities, the cordless phone with answering machine is still essential for many homes and certainly for business.

Reliability of Communication, and Clarity of Sound are important to many people. 

With a cordless phone you don’t have to worry about not being able to hear well, as their design allows for better sound.

This can be especially helpful for those who are hard of hearing.

And for those who have vision problems as well, most modern cordless phones have larger buttons, allowing you to easily be able to see the keypad when dialing numbers.

If that’s not enough of a bonus for the visually impaired, many newer models also come with easy to read screens, so you can see who’s calling before you pick up.

Some models even offer talking caller ID, which reads out either the name or number of who’s calling you.

And for those who live in tall apartment buildings, if you ever need to call 911 but only have a cell phone, your GPS will be unable to tell what floor you’re on. But if you have a home phone in your apartment, it’s tied to your address and apartment number, and most even work in power outages,so you can still stay connected in case of an emergency.

For extra security, many burglar systems and even fire alarms link right to your home phone. While they can be linked to a cell phone, the extra equipment will cost much extra and may not function as well as its landline counterpart.

Link Cell Phone to Cordless via Link-to-cell Bluetooth

If you use a cell phone in addition to a cordless phone, your cell reception might be improved as well. By simply placing your cell phone next to your cordless base and using a Bluetooth headset, your reception can be much better.

However, for taking and making calls in a place such as a basement, cordless phones will offer much better service than your typical cell phone which is great for working out of your basement, or while you’re just busy down there.

Whether just to avoid using your cell phone while working at home or at all, or if you have a small business and don’t want to give out your personal cell number, there are many options available to make it easier. Whether it’s just a basic one line phone for a starter business or two lines with call waiting and even group calls for meetings, a cordless house phone can help you get your business off the ground and running smoothly.

From the different models, styles and functions, you’re sure to find the phone perfect for your needs without spending more than you need, without losing out on quality.

The AT&T EL52213 2 Handset Cordless Answering System With Caller ID/Call Waiting

An affordable cordless phone set that supports up to 5 different handsets, allowing you to have one in virtually every room so you never miss a call again. For those who run a small home business and hold phone meetings, this model allows you to hold more natural multi-user calls with both sides being able to hear and speak at the same time.

The AT&T EL52213 2 Handset Cordless Answering System With Caller ID/Call Waiting has an easy to read large screen and contrasting colors allow you to quickly and easily read the number calling, so you don’t have to squint to know who’s on the other line.

And with large, backlit keypad allows you to dial with ease, even in low light. You can also easily switch between lines with the Call Waiting function, or check the call later with the 50 name and number caller ID, which not only shows the name and number of the caller, but also the time they called. And with crystal clear audio, you will be able to hear the other line the first time, and not need them to repeat it as with some cell phones, or older cordless models.

Whether you’re starting a business from the comfort of home or a senior citizen who just needs an easy-to-read display and multiple handsets for the house, this model can make life easier for you.

Classic Simple And Reliable Cordless Phone

If you’re looking for just a single and simple cordless handset, the VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting could be more suited for you.

This handset can come with an optional answering system for the calls you either miss or don’t want to take. With crystal clear audio and caller ID and Call Waiting, you’ll be able to see who’s calling, and easily switch over to the other line if you need to.

However, if you’re a DSL user, you may need to use a DSL Filter; if you’re unsure, it’s best to call your ISP and determine if it’s necessary. This model does not support speakerphone, which can sometimes restrict you if and when multitasking is needed. However, for the price, it can definitely be useful for a senior citizen, or starting out a home business with its backlit keypad and display, and ability to store up to 30 names and numbers in the phonebook.

For this model, it is recommended to charge the handset’s batteries for at least 16 hours prior to its initial use.


Expandable Cordless Phone w/ Large Keypad

ThePanasonic KX-TGE233B Expandable Cordless Digital Phone with Large Keypad  comes with three handsets, with one main docking base that includes an all digital answering system. With the three handsets, you can have them in the rooms you’re in the most so you don’t have to run to the next room to avoid a missed call.

If you’re working in a low light room and need to see the caller ID, the backlight and high contrast display allows you to easily read the name and number of who’s calling quickly and easily.

If you’re across the room, then the talking Caller ID will let you know who’s on the other line before you get there. And if you happen to be in a noisy area, this model has noise reduction, so you won’t be struggling to hear on the phone.

For extra security as well as safety and being able to stay connected, even if the power goes out, your cordless phone will still be able to make and receive calls. For people who are tired of getting so many unwanted calls, you can easily block them and not have to worry about them again.


Expendable to 5 Handsets

If you’re looking for a phone setup that’s expandable up to 5 handsets, the VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting has crystal clear audio for those who sometimes have a hard time hearing or want to hear more than static on the other end. The lighted keypad and LCD screen allows you to read the caller ID, and make calls easier in a dim room so you don’t have to struggle to see who you’re calling or who’s calling you.

This model allows you to host multi-user calls with up to 2 cordless handsets and one outside caller, as well as the speakerphone allowing both sides to speak and hear at the same time. This model also allows you to set up any key answering, so you can answer a call and be connected faster and easier than before.

If you end up needing more handsets, you can simply purchase the accessory handsets and plug them in without needing to plug them into another phone jack.

This way you never have to worry about missing a call if you’re in the other room. With such a modest price for the benefits this model offers, it is perfect for seniors on a limited budget, or for home work while not breaking the bank for clear multi-user conference calls.



Backlit Keypad, Caller ID and Call Waiting

For those who are frequently in another room when the phone rings, theVTech CS6429-4 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System can be of great help.

With a backlit keypad, and display, along with Caller ID and Call waiting, you’ll never miss a call again and always know who’s calling you before you answer. And if you don’t want to juggle doing something while talking on the phone, the handset also has a speakerphone, so you can do work while in a conference call with others, and make your work a lot less of a hassle.

An additional feature of this model is being able to record up to 14 minutes of a conversation, in case you need to go back and listen to something again. This would be great, especially if you’re doing work that requires transcribing certain calls, or just need a quick refresh of your recent call.

However, if you are a DSL customer, you may be required to use a DSL filter with this phone model. While the price for this model is noticeably more than the previous models, this one is definitely worth it for those who need multiple handsets and the ability to record portions of calls to go back and listen to again.

With cell phones replacing many landlines for both personal and professional purposes, cordless phones are being updated to keep up with demand for features as well as flexibility.

While a cell phone can be taken virtually anywhere, the sound is sometimes less than desirable which can negatively impact a business call by not being able to hear the other end clearly.

In this case, a cordless phone would offer the benefit of crystal clear sound with the added benefit of most being equipped with a built in speakerphone for when you need both hands for other tasks. While not the case with all models, many available can be either single line or 2 lines and offer Call Waiting for when you don’t want to miss another call, but don’t want to end the current one abruptly.

Many brands and models also have the ability to support multi-user calls with both sides hearing and speaking at the same time, offering a more life-like and personal style business call or conference. Many models also offer number blocking to prevent annoying telemarketers from interrupting your work or other call, which makes life much easier. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about giving your personal cell phone number to people for work, so you can keep work and home separate.


Benefits Of Cordless Phones for Seniors

For seniors, however the benefits may be much more than just another way to stay connected to the world. Where a cell phone can only give a general location in the event of having to make an emergency call, a cordless phone is tied into your home address.

This is a major benefit for those living in a tall apartment building, as responders will be able to determine exactly what floor and apartment to go to for an emergency. And if you lose power, almost all cordless phones can still operate, which keeps you connected even in outages to call family or emergency services.

And unlike cell phones which often don’t get good reception in certain buildings, cordless phones not only don’t have that problem, but can even enhance your cell phone signal strength by placing it next to the base and using a Bluetooth headset to connect.

Best phones for seniors

One major drawback of using a cell phone for seniors is the smaller keys on the screen which makes it harder to see and dial numbers, as well as reading the ID of who’s calling. Cordless phones have larger and generally softer keys to press, which are often backlit for dim rooms, and larger screens to see the caller ID so you don’t end up answering when a telemarketer calls you.

Cordless phone reviews


Whether for home, seniors at home, or a home business, cordless phones are quickly catching back up to cell phones with their updated models and features. From single line or two line phones with call waiting or multi-user conference calls for home business or simply working from home, to more simplistic and basic models for seniors, there are many models available for just about every need.

And if the power goes out, you’ll still be connected and able to call for help if you need, and make it easier to know if you’re on a higher floor in an apartment building; or simply call family and let them know. And almost every model is able to be expanded from a single handset to up to 5 so you can have one in just about every single room so you never miss an important call again, and can easily see who’s on the other line. Best phones for seniors have good sound quality and and larger size buttons.

While some models are inherently more expensive or better, they may be more geared for either business or home instead though they’ll still function just fine. However, it would be a little unnecessary to purchase a model intended for business and simply use it for home. And with models that support speakerphones, you don’t have to hold your handset to your ear which allows you to either work while talking or simply do something else at the same time.

With the extra benefit of increasing your cell phone’s signal strength while using it, cordless phones are showing that they’re still relevant and updating to almost keep up with the use of cell phones, while offering better reception and sound for a better call.

When it comes to either working from home or having an actual home business, the  VTech CS6429-4 model appears to be the best, though quite a bit more than other models.

While it is a bit pricey, the features and overall quality makes it well worth the price; especially considering that it comes with 4 handsets which allow you to stay connected no matter where in the house you are so you never miss an important call again. On the other hand, for seniors who simply need a better way to stay connected to family and friends, the Panasonic KX-TGE233B model, while quite a bit more than other models, offers not only large backlit keys and LCD screen, but will also keep you connected in case of power loss, and includes 3 handsets.

Offering a secure signal and preventing conflict or interference between routers and other wireless communication devices, this model can easily also double as a home business phone.