AT&T CL82301 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone Review

The AT&T CL82301 is a good quality yet affordable cordless phone option, that is ideal for using at home for personal or business use. It comes with three handsets and you can actually use the push-to-talk feature to talk between handsets when they are in different locations in the home or office.

AT&T CL82301 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone 3 Handsets

The handsets are a sleek design, and have a large LCD display that clearly shows you the numbers and relevant information for each call. The buttons are nice and large so you can dial easily without pushing a few buttons at the same time.

Some of the main Features

  • Call Transfer Using Intercom
  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
  • Push-To-Talk for instant and easy communication between handsets
  • Handset Speakerphone; HD Audio

AT&T cordless phone review

Each handset has a speaker phone too, so if you want to leave the handset in its holder while you talk you can. This is very convenient if you are busy doing something in the ATT-CL82301-2ahome or office, and will allow you to multitask and hold your call at the same time.

You also get a digital answering service built into the AT&T CL82301 phone set. You can access the answering service remotely too, so it is a very useful addition to this model. With the DECT 6.0 digital technology being used, the clarity and quality of the audio is excellent.

Key features of the AT&T CL82301 cordless phone set

DECT 6.0 technology

The DECT 6.0 technology used in the AT&T CL82301 cordless phone set gives the phone a much better range. It also improves the quality of the calls significantly and helps with the security of calls too. While many cordless phones sets do use DECT 6.0 also, it has been proven in tests that DECT 6.0 on the AT&T CL82301 works up to 45% better
than other brands.

Easy expansion – AT&T CL82301

While the AT&T CL82301 comes with three handsets initially, you can purchase individual handsets if required and expand the CL82301 up to a total of 12 in all. This is ideal if you have more rooms in your home that you want to have a handset in, or you have a home business and require more handsets.

AT&T CL82301 – Digital answering system

The digital answering system on the CL82301 will give you up to 14 minutes of recording time. This is plenty to store a lot of messages, and it can easily be wiped clean to free up the storage space again once you have listened to the messages.AT&T cordless phone review


Additional features of the AT&T CL82301

The AT&T CL82301 phone set comes with caller ID installed, so no guessing who is on the other end when the call comes in. There is also a call waiting alert too, so you can take the incoming call if you are expecting it, or you just want to tell them to hold. The call conferencing is another really good feature to this phone that will be useful for many people.

Final thoughts on the AT&T CL82301

This phone set comes with a lot of really useful features to enhance your user experience. The quality of the calls is excellent due to the DECT 6.0 technology it uses, and the ability to expand the phone configuration by adding up to 12 handsets in total is a big selling point for many. The AT&T CL82301 is also available at a really good price, especially considering the amount of features that it comes with.

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AT&T CL82301 easily expandable, good sound quality over an extended range. Reliable phone
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