Panasonic KX-TGA939T Cordless Handset Review

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The Panasonic KX-TGA939T is one of the newer phone models from the KX-TG939 series of cordless phones


This model of Cordless phone was released to address the need for an additional handset to be added to an existing set of cordless telephones. Some of the newer features that came with this release include DECT 6.0 technology, a 100 item phonebook memory and an inbuilt intercom.

Panasonic KX-TGA939T review

The Panasonic KX-TGA939T additional handset is compatible with the following models of Panasonic cordless phones:

  • KX-TG9391T
  • KX-TG9321T
  • KX-TG9322T
  • KX-TG9381T
  • KX-TG9382T

So if you already have one of these systems by Panasonic and you needed an extra handset then this is the best choice for you. It is easy to install into your current setup and will work seamlessly with any of these current systems.

Key features of the Panasonic KX-TGA939T

  • Extra Handset for:  KX-TG9321T, KX-TG9322T, KX-TG9381T, KX-TG9382T, KX-TG9391T
  •   Works with Single Line Phones, Cordless
  • Improved clarity of DECT 6.0 Technology
  • The hand set does not include an Answering Machine
  • This cordless handset requires main phone unit to operate
  • Will work with Single Line Phones
  • Requires main phone unit to operate
  • Do not forget this handset requires requires the main phone unit to operate

Panasonic Technology used

The Panasonic KX-TGA939T uses the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications – also known as digital European cordless telecommunications, acronym DECT 6, that originated from Europe but is now the universal standard having replaced all earlier systems such as 900 MHz CT1 and 900 MHz CT2.

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The DECT 6.0 technology used in the Panasonic KX-TGA939T eliminated interference from microwaves, baby monitors and other household wireless appliances making for clearer reception. This is because it operates on the relatively uncongested 1.9 GHZ frequency as opposed to the widely used 2.4 GHz frequencies. This technology also means that you can enjoy enhanced sound quality at longer ranges.

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Main features of the Panasonic KX-TGA939T

LCD displays

The handsets have a 1.4 inch LCD screens with 103 X 65 pixel resolution while the PictBase comes with a 1.9 inch (measured diagonally) screen of similar resolution. The white LCD backlight makes it possible to use the phone in darker places.


The Panasonic KX-TGA939T offers connection for single 4-wire OR as well as 2-wire RJ-12 connectors making it more versatile. It allows up to 3-way conference calls (Line handset and base, Line 1- Line 2- handset or base, handset-handset-line).


Apart from the LCD screen, the handset is equipped with a message indicator led, a backlit keypad and has a 6 step speakerphone volume adjustment and a 3 step talk volume adjustment feature.

Panasonic Answering system

The Panasonic KX-TGA939T has a digital answering system that lets you record a maximum of 40 minutes of incoming messages that you can easily check as soon as you come back. This, coupled with a lager phone book memory as well as a larger redial history means that this phone hold a number of significant advantages over previous models and competitors. It also offers a call waiting feature though this must also be provided by a local phone company.

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Additional features of the Panasonic KX-TGA939T Cordless Handset

The handset uses the easily replaceable and rechargeable AAA batteries. The batteries can last for 12 hours while in use but can remain in use for up to 6 days in standby mode. It is easy to set up in your home or business place and has a solid construction that can withstand falls.

The 50 number and name directory lets you have your most important numbers readily available for calls. Other features include a 6 mm headset jack, a handset speakerphone, charge and a belt clip that lets you move around the house with the cordless phone with ease.

Final thoughts on the Panasonic KX-TGA939T Cordless Handset

All of the Panasonic cordless phones sets are excellent quality and provide plenty of great features. The hansets are simple to set up and easy to use. If you needed to expand your current system you can just add this to your current setup, as long as you are using one of the compatible systems as mentioned above. The price of the Panasonic KX-TGA939T is very reasonable for the ability to be able to expand your current home phone system.

best Panasonic cordless phone home

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